How to learn a language in 5 days.

Start a business, eat healthy, write a book or be able to speak a totally unfamiliar language in 5 days it’s not easy. There is no magical and easy way. Hopefully we could take the Matrix pill but the truth is all about motivation and courage.

And Aaron did it. Unreal.

1st of January 7:00 am. I started the year in Torres del Paine. It’s not a difficult trek but it’s 5 days carrying all the food, gas, tent and your stuff. It was a little bit precipitated. Just the afternoon before, 31st of December, I decided to join Aaron and Nigel for the hike.

Anyway, we had 5 days in the mountains and they had the extra motivation of being with a spanish speaker person.

What they did was just be SUPER annoying and asking the whole day “how do you say in spanish…”. The whooooooole day. And this is a good kind of annoying. I like to teach or learn in that way. It’s fun and I could see how they improved day by day.

Aaron Huang

Few tips I can give you if you want to learn a new language:

  • Find a great folk that likes to teach or learn.
  • Be annoying all the time asking and asking.
  • Don’t be afraid to have mistakes.
  • Practice with other native speakers and let this person correct you after all.

Travel South America is easy for me, yes, we speak the same language. But traveling staying in hostels in South America means be all the time with other backpackers from other countries. Most of the time speaking english. And it’s comfortable for most of them just walk around with me because I can easily ask at any time to anyone. And then, there is Aaron, who wanted to ask him all the time just to practice.

At the end of these 5 days, he could say real sentences and answer some questions. How good is that?

Now, Aaron and Nigel are already at home, in Sydney. But we are gonna keep in touch by Skype. It’s gonna be a little bit hard for the time in Australia but i’m sure we will do it. After all, it’s about motivation, isn’t it?

Aaron Huang and Nigel

Aaron and Nigel moments after the polaroid picture flew for the strong wind.