No highlights, please!

I stayed in Córdoba, Argentina, for a week visiting 2 old friends, Julio and Alex. We lived together in Madrid, in an apartment with 10 rooms and one kitchen.

Bolivia was wonderful, a beautiful country which I loved where you can find great landscapes and activities to do, but the truth is that I had some tears going down when I arrived in Argentina and I saw supermarkets, paved roads, paper in the toilet! or that my stomach was good after a meal…

I told Alex when I arrived: I want a relax, I don’t care about the highlights. Maybe it sounds strange but I needed it. I’m not at all fed up of traveling, just I wanted a pause. Córdoba was the holidays of my holidays.

Eat matambre or cook a pizza in a grill after a bonfire is not common for me. I wasn’t looking for a place with an ad saying: “typical from Argentina”. No. I didn’t need to find that place because Alex and their friends did it for me, just doing what was normal for them for me was totally new. And that’s I would say the most interesting, when you are fully integrated in a group totally different at you. Even if they speak their own slang and sometimes I couldn’t catch it.


I had the feeling that I was at home for a few days. Being in an apartment with a room just for me without snores, or a fridge to leave the milk with the certainty that will be there the next day, or alex’s mom cleaning my clothes with softener or use the bathroom without pressure of 3 people line is heartwarming. Even traveling alone I couldn’t remember when it was the last time that I slept alone.

Eating asado in Alex’s friends house or going in a Lake during the weekend with a group of friends was perfect. Thank you Alex again for everything.

And now… ready for a next round!