Random people

I learned a lot about South America. Nevertheless, as you can imagine I met so many people from all over the world than my knowledge about other cultures rose sharply too. Fortunately, I had the joyfully to cross paths with some of great Israelis and learn about their interesting culture.

In Israel the army service is mandatory during 3 years for boys and 2 years for girls. And once Arad finished the army service he started to travel like almost all the other hundreds of young Israelis do. I was fascinated about it. A small country as it is Israel, with 8 million people, and every single Israeli is traveling.

My story with Arad is really funny. We met us 6 different times. All randomly:

1. La Paz. I met Arad in the Halloween party in a huge 7 floors hostel in La Paz, called Loki. On the top, it was the bar. And there, seems we had the first talk. But all I can remember from that night was taking a taxi with a devil, a pirate and a backpacker (literally, a guy inside a backpack wearing a backpack costume) going somewhere that someone told them was good.

2. Salta. 3 weeks after that night I was eating my breakfast when I saw a familiar face next to me. Do I know you? I asked. I think so, we meet us in La Paz, I think. He said. That was our interesting conversation that day. Some minutes later I moved to another city.

3. Pucón. Amazing adventurous village. You can stay a fully week doing different outdoor activities every day and never get bored. We were hosting at the same hostel for the 3rd time. We laughed when he came inside the dorm. Again? That’s so random! Here we had the first “real” contact. Actually, we got our names and not so much more.

4. Bariloche. In Argentina, if you want to get a good exchange value you should change dollars in the Blue market. Some people called arbolitos are on the street waiting for the tourists. It’s a common thing in Argentina and you just walk around and listen: cambio cambio! So, in Bariloche, I was walking looking for arbolitos when I saw one changing already with another tourist. The tourist was Arad.

5. Coyhaique. Lior, Phil and I did hitchhiking in the Carretera Austral. That day was Christmas and we were in a small village with 4 houses, 1 dog and 1 little shop (the only with wifi) opened. I was Skyping there with my family when I saw crossing in front of the window Arad.

6. El Chaltén. Some thousands of kilometers after Christmas I was in El Chalten, the trekking paradise. Like in Pucón, Arad arrived in the same hostel than me. How is it possible? And we thought that met 6 randomly times were enough to be Facebook friends.

But do you know what it happened then? Since that day, I didn’t see him again. We work more random.