Life is harsh!!

Cody travels without almost nothing. His backpack seems the Doraemon pocket. 2 small bags and tons of things inside. Before I met him I was so proud of myself to “live” just with my two backpacks. But now, well… yess… even now I think I have more things that I need.

I met Cody in La Serena (Chile) and we have found us in every single place since then. But he already has returned to his home, in San Diego (California). For him the travel finished and I feel strange without him, cause when you spend a month with a person like him, 24/7, you end up with all kind of stories.

Cody Smith

The most sketchy story was hike in the dark without almost no light in Colca Canyon. Now we can laugh about it, but I was really scared for moments. If during the day the track is confusing because there are no signals, imagine during the night! After this, some locals told me that several people have been lost in the same situation there, and have never found.

Another comical story that happened us was in a 4 days trekking, called Inka Jungle. There, we had a local guide just for us, César. This guy teached about the “truth” of Machu Picchu. Were 4 days full of stories about UFO’s, super-humans, high technologies no recognized until now, human clones with the objective to find gold for the UFOs, space ships mother, father and cousins, what we really have in the milky way, how the americans created Star Wars based in the real life, nuclear explosions and much more. Cody and me listened really carefully, trying all the time to not laugh in his face, but once the guide turned, our faces were… you can imagine. The first day was really funny listening how the guide was passionate and how much believes in all of this. The second day was annoying and the third day was like, ok, enough. We just wanted to know a rational theory about Machu Picchu! But anyway, was really funny. Finally, fortunately, we had on the top of Machu Picchu another guide that told us a reasonable theory.

This is what you get when you travel. Everyday a new story to tell. I’m in an enjoyable moment here in South America.

But travel is a hard work, we don’t have weekends, we should “work” everyday, Hening said us once, a great german guy who I had the pleasure to also met. Uuuhhh, so hard!

Cody Smith