Since I got back from South America several people have asked me if I spent a lot of money, how I split it up and if it was more or less than I expected. I find it interesting to share the information I’ve been collecting for those months if it can help people determine how to start a journey similar to mine.

Everything is up to you

If I had taken a 5 day boat trip to Antarctica the price could be exactly double what it was. You need to decide what activities you take and which not. And it’s your decision, sometimes you will feel pushed to follow some new friends, like hitchhike 1000 km in Patagonia, or go to a memorable Foo Fighters concert in Buenos Aires which costed 80€. But I also took a 17 hours bus ride (just one way) to the Amazon for 17€ instead of spend 80€ for the flight, which takes 1 and half hours.

I met people traveling around the world in the same time I did it in South America. Clearly, those people took a lot of flights and visited the places in half the time or less as I did it. Better or worse? Again, up to you. I decided to do it without pressure of time, not booking anything in advanced and being spontaneous. And it worked well. Maybe not in Ushuaia.

I divide the expenses per countries and I will try to explain some of the activities I did while I was there. But this is not a guideline to follow, it’s a sum up of 6 months backpacking in the south of South America.

Barcelona – Santiago de Chile: 640 €
Ushuaia – Buenos Aires: 228,46 €
Iguazu – Rio: 99 €
Rio de Janeiro – Barcelona: 477,54 €

Total flights: 1445 €

Iati Seguros: 209 € (3 months) x 2: 418 €

Chile (30 days)
Sandboard in Viña del Mar.
10 days couchsurfing with the most amazing host in Valparaiso.
Horse riding in Valle del Elqui.
A Geysers del Tatio tour in Atacama.
Rent a bike for 2 days to ride a desert and lagoons in Atacama.
2 days surfing with an instructor in Arica.

Total: 624,63 €

Peru (17 days)
3 days trekking in Colca Canyon.
Oktoberfest in Arequipa.
3 days of Inka Jungle in Machu Picchu.
Tour to floating Islands in Puno.
2 relaxing days in the amazing Intro Hostel in Cusco.

Total: 627 €

Bolivia (25 days)
2 days in Isla del Sol, a paradise in Titikaka Lake with beautiful shooting stars nights.
Riding Death Road, it used to be the “most” dangerous road in the world.
10 days in La Paz, a city at 4000 m above sea level.
17 hours one way to Rurrenabaque + 17 hours way back to La Paz + 4 hours stopped in the middle of the road. That was for me the most dangerous road.
4 days tour in Las Pampas, the Bolivian Amazon in Rurrenabaque.
Cholitas Wrestling, a female boxing show.
A new phone, the worst ever.
2 days in the bathroom for a milkshake in the central market in Sucre. But it was delicious.
Get into silver mines in Potosí.
4 days tour in Uyuni.

Total: 704,3 €

Patagonia (45 days)
Climb Villarica Volcan.
3 days trekking in Nahuel Huapi National Park, Bariloche.
Hydrospeed in Pucon.
3 days trekking in El Bolson.
Hitchhike for 1000 km in carretera Austral.
Visit Perito Moreno National Park.
Hitchhike during Christmas day.
5 days trekking in Torres del Paine National Park. W circuit.
Visit in a penguins colony in Isla Magdalena National Park.
3 days trekking in Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Total: 1127,72 €

Argentina (33 days)
Homemade Asado 1.
Vineyard tasting in Mendoza.
Weekend in San Roque Lake.
Foo Fighters + Kaiser Chiefs concert in Buenos Aires.
Homemade Asado 2.
Empanadas cooking class.
Bomba del Tiempo party (twice) in BA.
Asado in a restaurant.
Tango show in La Catedral club in BA.

Total: 931 €

Brasil (24 days)
Visit in Iguazu Falls.
3 days in Ilha Grande.
Ticket to Sambodromo, a carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro.
Visit in Santa Marta’s Favela.
Sunbathing in Copacabana.
Visit in Sugarloaf Mountain.
Visit to the dentist + 10 days with antibiotic.
Sunset in Ipanema.
Uncontable Caipirinha’s.
Visit to the Christ Redeemer Statue.
The last dinner and the most expensive one in Porcao.

Total: 876,82 €

Flights: 1445 €
Insurance: 418 €
Chile: 624,63 €
Peru: 627 €
Bolivia: 704,3 €
Argentina: 931 €
Patagonia: 1127,72 €
Brasil: 876,82 €

Total of all: 6754,47 €

6754,47 € is a lot of money if you don’t know what it was for. For me, this amount is the most valuable and not wasted money that I have spent. I like to say my trip was the best car I have ever bought. Because no car can carry all the experiences, food, landscapes and people I met.

You can watch my videos here.