Answering mom’s questions.

Where exactly?
To South America. I have one way flight to Santiago de Chile at the beginning of September.

But… for how long?
I don’t know, for some months. But I will not be here on Christmas mum. :_(

Are you crazy?
Not at all. Just I think that I have one life and it’s too short.

With who are you going?
I will start my journey alone, but, look mum, just in the plane I will sit next to people, I arrive in a city with 6 million people and I have a lot of friends spread throughout South America. So… I will not be alone at all.

Are you not scared?
Of course I am scared, I don’t know how it will be. I’m sure I will miss you a lot, the whole family, I will miss my friends, I will miss the food, I will miss the Mediterranean sea, these landscapes, my village. And you think right now that South America is not safe, but do you know how many times people tried to steal my pocket in Bcn? Do you know how many car accidents we have everyday in Spain? Danger is everywhere and every moment.

How will you pay all of that?
I worked a lot for that, I worked for that moment since I was 20, I saved every month since then a piece of my sad salary for that. I didn’t win the lottery, neither nobody will pay for me anything. Some people can have a great car and a beautiful house, I have any of these for the moment, I decided not have material things and spend my money exploring the world.

Seriously… Are you nuts?
I told you, NO. It has been my dream always, go traveling without a real plan, stop where I want, meet new and old people, talk with them, explore new lands and have a blast.