The power of being energetic

10 friends and the mother of one of them ready to spent some days in Chiloé. Me, walking alone like a homeless looking for… I don’t know. We crossed paths in a square and I joined them in their fabolous weekend.

PJ: Do you want to join us? We’ll rent 2 cars and explore Chiloé!
Isa: But we are 12 people…
PJ: Yesss! Amusing!

Jerty was traveling in south america for a few weeks to visit Jenny, her daughter, who is studying in Chile in an exchange program.

When the police stopped the first car (I was in the second) I thought: “ooommyygoood, we will receive a huge fine”. We were 6 in each car and the driver had the driver license expired… But, surprisingly nothing happened. The lights turned off: yes, that’s a problem in Chile. Go 6 in a car without driver license: psee, no worries.

Was an amazing and unforgettable weekend. Enjoyable roads and beautiful landscapes. Great people with the only thing in mind to have fun. And Jerty, who demonstrated that the age is not a problem to be integrated in a group and have the same fun like someone else.

My models are normal people, like she.