A Chilean friend! Finally!

When I decided to stay longer in Valparaíso for almost 2 weeks instead of 3 days I thought instantly in couchsurfing. I didn’t want to spend 10 days in a hostel, and the worst: I hadn’t met any Chilean yet!

I hadn’t done it before but several people told me their experiences in couchsurfing and it was something pending that I wanted to do. I wrote 3 people and I got fast answers. The first one was Josu, a chilean guy who lives in Cerro Alegre, in Valparaíso. It was weird, because I had to go to an unfamiliar guy’s house, to sleep there, and I didn’t know anything about this person… But, I read soooo many positive comments in his profile that I wanted to meet him.

And it couldn’t be better. It’s not just that I’ve been in his apartment for 8 days. It’s also all the things that we have talked and done it. Eating the best lucuma ice-cream, going to the cinema, having some meals, hanging around or talking about life and travels. He made me feel like home. And I know for sure that he will visit me back, because that’s about couchsurfing philosophy. Now I think about it, and if I hadn’t trusted him I would have missed so many good things!

All these things, that you always listened: “you should not do it” because most people said it is not safe or can be bad… Here, I just do it. It’s not that I want to break the rules now or something like antisystem. Maybe it’s something that you didn’t try it before, and that’s frightful, because it’s new. And the new things are scary.

But do you know what? Try new things is the best. Just follow your intuition.