Che, a comer un lomito!

Cordoba, if I have to be honest I didn’t expect much. Just a city as other normal city, unremarkable. But ooooh good! Was so good! Such a beautiful city. So many cultural options, concerts in the parks for free, more than 20 museums, all kind of restaurants, plenty of people in the pubs, handmade markets, cheap food and better people.

I was 8 days in La Paz, and I don’t know the half as I know from Córdoba. Julio and Angos showed me the most in just some hours.

When you are with locals, in their own city, and these ones are guys like Julio, Alex or Angos, you have the feeling to be part of their life. They bring you to their places, and this doesn’t mean the turistic places. Maybe my favorite place in Córdoba was a park were Julio, Alex and Angos met several years ago, while they studied fine arts. A special place for them I would say.

But we had a discussion about the best sandwich ever. For Julio the best one is the “lomito” (typical from Córdoba). For me, the best one is a “bocata de jamón con tomate

Of course I was a good girl and I tried some to compare. Uhm… I don’t have still an answer. I need to try more.