Todo bién en la montaña!

I was lucky when I met this beautiful israeli lawyer. She wasn’t just my personal trainer, my dietist or my psychologist. She is also my FRIEND. In capital letters.

She loves the mountain. We did incredible trekkings in Patagonia, sleeping in shelters and following her advices in the mountain, which it was like a masterclass for free. Just once we got lost and had to cross in between of bushes. I forgive you. XD

I got scared every time when she said “Stop!!” My instant thought was “where the avalanche is?”. But no avalanche was there. She always said: look the landscape. Beautiful and neverending Patagonia.

I will never forget our stories. And I’m happy, de feliz, no solo de contenta 😉 because I know that we will have more adventures together in a future. Can’t wait. Can’t wait to bet more.
Lior Kotler