Have you ever gone out to drink alone?

After 4 days in a tour, and waking up at 4:30 am (it seems the only hour to see geysers…), the only thing that you want is take a warm shower and relax in a bed. Instead of that, I had a cold shower in a public bathroom and 2 big backpacks to carry for 8 hours before to take a night train.

I had no hostel, no locker, no WIFI and a closed railway station until 1am (just one hour ago to take the train). And as though that were not enough, it was pouring with rain and no light in the whole village of Uyuni. Perfect!

I used to think that only lonely people go to the bar to drink alone when I realized that… Ups, I’m already traveling alone for almost 3 months.

So yes, I went. The only open bar in Uyuni was “La llamita” and Orlando was the barman. Actually, I don’t know so much about him and I don’t have his contact or his Facebook. We just talk some hours and it was exactly what I needed it.

Of course, its his work, but he could choose just serve my caipirinha and that’s all. However, we talked and drank. It helped me to overcome all those hours and the sleepy face.

Bolivian people are not easy. I loved Bolivia and its landscapes but it has been really difficult to meet locals. It’s a fact that they are shy and closed with foreigners. But Osbaldo was the opposite, just some hours to leave Bolivia and I met the exception? Probably not, should be thousands like him in Bolivia. Just we didn’t cross paths.

Whatever, I went to drink in a bar alone. Done it.