What happens when an Indian, a dutch and a catalan come together?

That the indian guy wins in the kitchen (but it was because we didn’t had good ingredients…).

Prateek is a photographer in the south of India, in his hometown. He shoots beautiful pictures. I learned with him the photographic technique emulsion lift and how can I do it. I will try it some day for sure (added to my bucket list).

We met us in Santiago and we spent 5 days together, we were so good, also with Made, that we went earlier than expected to Valparaíso, just to be all together a few days more.

Exploring around the city we talked with some locals. Chileans are nice and peaceful people. They start to talk with you before you ask anything. Maybe 90% of them advise us about thieves because our cameras are a candy for them. We have taken and saved the camera over 100 times per day!

Polaroid pic

We had deep talks, memorable moments, pleasant walks and perhaps too many terremotos! (a delicious drink from Chile with rosé whine, fernet, pomegranate and pineapple ice cream).

And talking about food, I already tasted porotos con riendas, mote con huesillos, tons of empanadas, lucuma ice cream, pisco sour and, of course, terremotos!

It was wonderful to be with you guys, I’m glad that you were the first ones who I met on my journey.

Great pictures taken by Prateek: