Is this the end of the world?

We travelled together until Ushuaia, the southernmost place on the planet. What do you expect to find there? 4 houses, 1 dog and little else were my thoughts. Instead of that, I found a mega city with a casino, huge hotels, expensive restaurants and all kind of shops.

I felt a little bit weird after some months without go shopping at all. See real shops again was shocking. I wanted to buy, whatever! My hands had some stupid new jeans when my mind said: “that could be another week here!”. And I left it, of course. But what it happened before this non-shopping moment in Ushuaia was the most bizarre night of the trip.

Some experiences like meet people on the bus and go together to the same hostel or get a bargain because in an hour a group goes to Amazons for 5 days and the tour is not full did to book something a no sense. Just arrive at the place, negotiate a price and get it. So, there we were, arriving at 10pm in Ushuaia after a 12 hours bus in the middle of high season, without reservation. Yeees, let’s see what is waiting us in this city.

Basically, a poster in each hostel/hotel/shelter saying: Fully booked. Or better: Completely full, don’t knock the door.

If this happens to you a day in Ushuaia at 11pm in the night I have a recommendation:
Stop walking. Just look the sky. There is a great and colorful sunset there. Yes, at 11pm. After 10 minutes, you can start to desperate. I saw Tim and me sleeping on the street at 0 degrees with just a sleeping bag.

But as you know, in the worst moments your mind gets the better of you. We couldn’t knock hostel’s doors (they didn’t even let us sleep on the floor) but we could knock on others house’s doors. We did it, and we were successful at the second chance.

That night we slept in a kind of residence house, surrounded by women over 80 years old, all with diseases of the elderly and the woman who take care of them. A creepy and memorable night.

Bye bye end of the world

Bye bye end of the world