The locals, a way to have a daily life while traveling

As a snail, living with a suitcase for some years, Vanessa has lived in Vienna, Munich, Paris and Madrid, where I met her. We worked together for couple of months in a startup. But she is from Chile and we met again in Buenos Aires. What a mess!

Now, Vanessa and Ian share an apartment in the peaceful Recoleta neighborhood, in Buenos Aires, where they let me stay for 2 weeks. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can’t stop to say thank you to everybody that let me stay at their place or has spent time with me hanging around. But what I appreciate the most is the chance to be in their daily life.

The mix of meet folks in hostels and the locals is just perfect. Each one gives you something different.

Those ones you meet in hostels have the energy and attitude to be the whole day sightseeing and, when night comes, go out until who knows when. On top of that, during the week.

However, locals give you the feeling to be at home. They share their friends, favorite restaurants, the bed or couch, showers and everything with you. Is something comforting.

The only thing I can say to all of them is again THANK YOU.