The real one

“You will ride a wave in your first day”. Yoyo promised to Ruby and me this, when we met him randomly on the beach. He is a chilean surfer who teaches people to surf. We didn’t doubt any moment to book a surf class with him the next day.

It had to be a 3 hours surf class, and it became two days on the beach and one of the most legendary weekends. How Yoyo introduced in surf and his life is something that I will never forget. He found his passion in the sea and made it his job. He told us that it costed him 8 months to learn what we did in our first day. Because he had to learn alone the position on the table, how to paddle and the exact moment to catch the wave.

Definitely, I will do more surf and improve day by day, but in just 2 days I found a new hobby which I love. And this, just happens when you have one of the best teachers. Yoyo is connected with the sea, and you realize that when you see this guy in the water. One energy that transforms he and the waves in one.

The day that we met Yoyo, we asked where could eat delicious fish in Arica and he brought us to a restaurant in a small market close to the beach. The owner of the “restaurant” is Doris, an old woman with a big dream to go to Patagonia, Barcelona and Miami. Anyway, the restaurant is always full, maybe it helps that has just 4 chairs.

In the restaurant we met Humberto and his shy daughter. The first thing that he gave us was his business card. The SUPER CHICKEN. Seems that he was who brought the chicken business restaurants in Arica and taught a lot of people to sell it. He invited us to visit the “morro” with his car, a viewer point where you can see the whole city.

After that, Humberto recommend and brought us to the Arica Unite Hostel. Her friend, Jenny, is the owner, a french woman who opened the hostel some years ago while she was traveling like me and fell in love with Arica. We told her that we booked a surf day with a guy who just met on the beach. “Who? Yoyo? He is one of my best friends!”. Again all connected. Pretty.

We had an unforgettable weekend in Arica, learning to surf, eating in yoyo’s car one of the best meals until now, singing like a loop to Bob Marley ´jammin´on the guitar, and, like always, talking about life, travel and dreams.

Arica doesn’t have great attractions, but has good people, that once you meet, make you stay longer. And by the way, he was right, I rode a wave in my first day.